Full Polish

3 step full ball polishing process.

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State of the art process

The latest equipment and processes.

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Diamond cutting

high quality diamond cut finish

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Hand finished

All work is done by an experienced technician .

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Passion and care

we are passionate about our work.

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Split rim specialist

Specialist area for Diamond Styling.

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Any Colours

A truly unique service.

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Attention to detail

Care and attention to detail are always taken.

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Years of experience

over 20 years of experience

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Bi Colour

Colours can be mixed exactly to customer specification.

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Great customer service

Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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Top quality work and clients

We work with Top end cars and clients and also individuals with equal passion.

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Full Polish

Fully ball polished alloy wheels

Using our rare and precision 3 step full ball polishing process Diamond Styling technicians can fully match OEM finishes. This will leave wheels looking in premium factory like condition. The wheels are passed through varying levels of ceramic media which both prepare and subsequently polish surfaces to extremely high specifications. The first and second stages level out the roughness of the metal, achieving an extremely smooth base for polishing by opening up the pores of the metal. Finally the wheel is polished to a very high finish which fully enhances and exentuates the design of the wheel. This flexible service combines very well with both a polished face or a diamond cut finish, and can be applied to almost any wheel, turning an average finish into something truly special.

Diamond Cut

Machined and turned on a lathe

Once treated for damage and corrosion, the wheel is coloured according to customer specification. Before being lacquered the wheel is lathed by one of our trained technicians. This removes any further damage and achieves a high quality diamond cut finish across the face of the wheel.

Bespoke Colour

Colour coded, one off colours

Owing to extensive experience, levels of technician training and premium products; colours can be mixed exactly to customers bespoke specifications. This allows a truly unique service and is not available if using powder colours etc.

Split Rim

Bentley split rim

A true specialist area for Diamond Styling, split rims are an area of excellence for our team and combines well with our diamond cutting service. Our technicians work to ensure a perfect alignment and marrying of the inner and outer parts of the wheel, ensuring they are perfectly fitted and flush. Furthermore our wet paint process ensures all components are paint free where necessary, with partiulcar attention paid to threads and bolts. Furthermore the split rim combines very well with other processes such as diamond cutting and customer colouration to deliver a truly unique wheel.

Bespoke Graphics

Pin striping or logos etc

On top of polishing and custom colouration, graphics/stickers can be applied as per customer requests. This can take the shape of lettering, logos, stripes etc. These can be applied either through stickering or painting to achieve truly innovative styling. This service also benefits from our limitless colour range, again adding a level of personalisation and premium quality unmatched by many of our rivals.


Finishes such as gloss, matt, satin, silk

A wide selection of finishes is available for customers to choose from; gloss, matt, satin or silk. This selection adds another level of customer customisation and allows every set of wheels to be truly unique once worked on by our dedicated team of technicians. Customers the have option to leave the wheel with a raw polish finish (no lacquer) or can opt for a layel of lacquer which can enhance the longevity of the polish.


Experienced technicians

Refurbishment of wheels is another specialist area, including a straightening service for when a wheel has a flat spot or buckles. The wheel will be worked on by a technician on our jig to achieve complete restraightening. This stange is also a vital compontent on the diamond cutting process as it ensures an even all over final cut.


Wheels restored to brand new condition

As well as straightening wheels can be alloy welded when they have suffered a large amount of damage. This may include cracks or fissures which can cause air leaks in the tyre. These are fixed and sealed expertly by a member of our team.