Full Polish

3 step full ball polishing process.

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State of the art process

The latest equipment and processes.

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Diamond cutting

high quality diamond cut finish

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Hand finished

All work is done by an experienced technician .

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Passion and care

we are passionate about our work.

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Split rim specialist

Specialist area for Diamond Styling.

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Any Colours

A truly unique service.

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Attention to detail

Care and attention to detail are always taken.

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Years of experience

over 20 years of experience

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Bi Colour

Colours can be mixed exactly to customer specification.

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Great customer service

Get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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Top quality work and clients

We work with Top end cars and clients and also individuals with equal passion.

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Our Process

Here at Diamond Styling we only use wet paint, which gives a far superior finish than powder coating. It also enables us to colour match any vehicle paint colour.
Once we have received your wheels, they will undergo our rigorous 12 stage refurbishment process as follows:

1. Tyres are removed from wheels

Tyres removed from wheels

The two elements are seperated, with the tyres being stored securely whilst work is undertaken on the wheel

2. Both the wheels and tyres are visually inspected for damage

Inspected for damage

They are both carefully inspected by our trained technicians who look specifically at the wheel to check for any damage, buckling or other issues which could effect the overall finish.

3. Old paint is chemically stripped (if required)

Chemically stripped

The stripping process removes all original paint to give the best base for our work, whilst starting the break down of any corrosion which is present.

4. The wheel is low pressure blasted to improve surface condition & subsequent paint adhesion

Improves surface condition

A period of low pressure blasting completes the corrosion removal process. Additionally this also creates the optimum surface for paint adhesion ensuring that all paint applied fully grips to the wheel surface and gives the best possible finish.

5. Kerbing damage (if present) is then either machined out or welded depending on severity



Our trained technicians make an assessment of any kerb damage on the wheel surface. Based on this and the severity of the damage the wheel is either lathed or alloy welded. The latter applies to cases of deep damage and imperfections where holes have to be filled, to improve the integrity of the wheel surface. Finally they are sanded to ensure a smooth and level surface which will help achieve excellent paint adhesion and overall finish.

6. Acid etched to provide anti-corosion properties

Acid etched

Acid etch promotes paint adhesion to substrates prior to application of colour and it provides anti-corosion properties

7. Primed to prepare surface for painting

Primed for painting

The wheel surface is expertly taped in order to protect areas which do not need painting, such as the hub of the wheel and bolt hole chamfers. This premium attention to detail achieved by hand guarantees a strong metal to metal fitting between wheel and hub. This ensures no paint is present on the surface between the two components, achieving both a strong fit and premium level of finish and detailing. Primer is then carefully applied to the wheel surface.

8. Baked in our oven to harden primer

Baked to harden primer

Wheels are baked in the oven for 40 minutes to harden primer and provide the very best base possible. Our trained technicians then sand the surfaces by hand to remove any imperfections from the primed areas, allowing the subsequent paint applied to look its best and colours to be of a premium finish.

9. The top coat of paint is applied

The top coat of paint is applied

The fully primed and prepared wheels then go into the booth for colours to be applied. Our experienced paint technician can deliver all bespoke customer specifications due to extensive experience and the quality of previous stages of the refurbishment.

10. Two coats of clear lacquer are applied to both front & back of the wheel

Two coats of clear lacquer

To fully protect and seal the colour in, specialist wheel lacquer with high baking temperature is then applied. This achieves an excellent shine and is customisable according to customer requirements (gloss, matt, satin etc).

11. Finally the wheels are returned to the oven to fully cure

Wheels are returned to oven

Wheels are returned to the oven for the paint to fully go off and seal. Once the wheels come out of the oven they are futher inspected by our technicians to check for any imperfections and for a fully uniform finish. On the rare occasion they fail to meet our standards of quality they are sanded back and repainted, demonstrating our committment to both a premium service and customer satisfaction.

12. Wheels are now ready to refit the tyres (if required)

Wheels ready to refit

Once the wheels pass our quality standards they are rebalanced free of charge and are ready for customers.